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How to Add Activity in Eclipse


The app, I want to add an Activity, approach?

When you add the Android Project in Eclipse, I think you are the first java file of Activity to start to be generated.
Depending on the Android app that you want to develop, there will be if you want to have more than one Activity.
In many sites or books, but there are articles on additional Activity, which articles also, not good enough confusing additional really the first step, I think.
I hope people of intuition, you will find in it.
Such procedure, compared to the way of processing in the program, or would not be a place where I want you to tell proceeds gait, if possible?
With that said, the Activity additional steps using Eclipse, I think that it is trying to introduce as much as possible take-home gait.

Add 1.Activity java file of the (Class).
From Package Explorer, the Android Project you want to add the Activity, src-> at the first and made the package, right-click.
And, New-> When you select the Class, it will open the New Java Class window.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
Enter any of the class name in the "Name". (Red frame portion of the image)
This is the java file name.
Since there is a button labeled "Browse" most on the right side of a place called "Super Class", press. (Brown frame portion of the image)
This opens the Supperclass Selection screen.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
Red frame portion of the image, perhaps because the first would have been displayed as "java.lang.Object" to clear.
If there is an "Activity" from the list below I choose it.
(You have to inherit a mere Activity class as an example, you will need to inherit the ListActivity and MapActivity. Depending on the case, please choose a class that inherits.
Of course, so you can it is to change the class that inherits later from the code, it is safe to accidentally here. )
If you do not, as in the bottom of the image, in the text box, and if we enter A cti ···, so we will be narrowed down the list in conjunction with the character, it is useful Once you have become accustomed.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
Then, press OK, and press the Finish button when you go back.
This, java file is generated completion.


Describe the declaration of the added Activity in 2.Manifest.xml.
Add the java file, only the implementation, Activity does not work.
To Manifest file, you need to add a declaration of Activity.
The contents of XML, it is shaped like a following. (If you want to add the Activity of
<Activity android: name = "xxxActivity"> </ activity>
So, we will explain how to set up in Eclipse.
First, as shown in the following image, it will open the AndroidManifest.xml in Android Manifest Editor. (Since usually is associated, in the double-click OK.)
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
And, it will open the Application tab. It is a screen, such as the following.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
Screen lower left section (image red frame part of the above), because there is that "Application Nodes", I press the individual Add button. This will open the following screen.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
※ When it is if you have already added the Activity, so there is also a case where there is a radio button as shown below, please select the first one of the choices that time.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
In the list box below, because there is that "Activity", double-click on it. and (it can be OK to select)
Then, as shown in the red frame the lower part of the image, in the Application Nodes, I think the element of "Activity" has been added.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
In a state in which you select this, you look at the place called "Attributes for Activity" on the right side of the screen.
I think that it has become like the following image.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
There is that "Name" in there, and press the right-hand side of the Browse button opens a screen similar to the following.
How to Add Activity in Eclipse
To image red frame part of the open window, there is a text box.
Here, it I'll do type in the class name you just added.
It is OK even does depend from the list below.
In, you are finished, press OK, and if you save the Manifest.xml.

Now, it is complete with respect to additional Activity.
In this article, and then as the end in the procedure description up to here.

After that, add the definition of the layout, proceed with implementation of the Activity class, we will carry that.

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